Joint Venture

Generate a growing passive income with Real Title’s Joint Venture

Real Title is offering an exclusive opportunity for Real Agents that have met their cap, to now invest in Real Title. This Joint Venture is allowing agents the opportunity to buy-in and share in the total net profits earned.

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What is a Joint Venture?

Joint ventures are a great way to generate value for both partners; the brokerage is able to extract more value from the real estate value chain and the title company is able to access more realtors than before.

A Joint Venture (JV) is a legal cooperative enterprise entered into by a title agency and a real estate brokerage. Expetitle creates a new fully legal LLC and the brokerage owns a portion of that entity, allowing them to share in the net operating profits of the new title company.
Whether it's running webinars, learning sessions, or branded content, Expetitle works hand-in-hand with your brokerage to market to your realtors.
Our dashboard organizing tasks, documents, and next steps, will let you know at a quick glance, what stage each closing is in.
Take Back Control
Stay connected and in-the-know of all closings that happen under your brokerage umbrella, with one system, and real time updates of all transactions taking place.
Profit Sharing
Why shouldn't you get part of the cut when you're involved in the process? Yeah, we don't think that's fair either. The most prominent "what's in it for you" reason that you will share in the title premiums and closing fees.
Sean Daly, CEO
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Sean Daly, CEO